Top 5 Tips How to write your First CV after 12th


Top 5 Tips on How to Write your First CV after 12th or First Time Job Hunter

Compiling your first CV can often be a little nerve-racking as you may not have a great deal of work experience and therefore it is of vital importance that you really sell yourself and do your best to stand out from the crowd whilst making a good impression on your prospective employers. If you are reading this article before you prepare to write your first CV then it is likely that you are a recent graduate or student and may need some advice to get you started. Read on this article to learn some great tips to help you write an excellent first CV, increasing the chances of an interview and subsequently getting that first job.

1. Find a Template!

Before starting to write your CV, look for a template to work from. There are many websites where you can find CV templates and examples of other people’s CVs. Look for CVs of people who are working in the field in which you would like to get a job, this will help you to understand what potential employers are looking for.

2. The Importance of Good Grades and Exam Results

If your grades are excellent then by all means show them off. However, we are not all academically gifted so you may well be worrying that your recent exam results will not stand out positively or shine on your CV. Many employers understand that top school and university grades do not always equal a top employee. At times, in an increasingly competitive job market, discussing your internship experience or personal awards, or recognition will often speak more loudly to an employer than your A grades.

3. Consider All That Makes You Unique

When writing your first CV you should always consider what makes you unique and interesting. If you are lacking in work experience, then your general background is likely to give you something that you can discuss and perhaps even brag, in a reasonably modest manner, about. We all have experiences that are individual to us and may catch the interest of your future employers, so it is always worth delving into and exploiting the most unique aspects of your background.

4. Disclose Only Relevant Information

A good CV is usually expected to be rather short, therefore you must always try to write precisely by taking into consideration only the most relevant information. If you are applying for different job positions, it is important to adjust your CV according to the job you are applying for. Consider your positive aspects and personal achievements, professional and relevant work experience, linguistic, IT, and technical skills.

5. Mention Volunteer Work and Extracurricular Activities

It is always worth mentioning volunteer work and extracurricular activities in your CV. If you have volunteered in after school clubs or programs, or have taken part in a non-profit organization, this will always look very good on a CV. Not only will it help you to show off your personality, but it will also show that you have an interest in expanding your horizons and helping others which always looks positive in a prospective employer’s eyes.

Taking into consideration the above tips will ensure that your first CV is of good quality as you take your first steps on the employment ladder. Presentation is key; so consider the layout of your CV and ensure that you express yourself clearly and professionally. If you are ready to begin your job hunt why not start your search on a local job search engine website where you will find a wide range of different full-time or part-time vacancies. With the help of your newly written and effective CV, you will be able to get your first job in no time. Don’t forget to proofread your CV before sending it!


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